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NEW: ‘Dazzle Disc’ by Peter Blake.


Dazzle Disc (2016)

Peter Blake

Silkscreen print on paper with UV glaze

Edition size: 100

Paper size: 81 x 72 cm

Published by CCA Galleries


Dazzle Disc references Blake’s early work as well as his recent exploration of the ‘dazzle’ effect, which was originally a method of helping vessels avoid enemy detection in World War One.


In 2015 Blake was commissioned to ‘dazzle’ a Mersey Ferry, the result was ‘Everybody Razzle Dazzle’ and the print it inspired ‘Dazzle’. The choice of a circular format for this new work has multiple resonances; the most obvious being that of a vinyl record, but also a badge, a film reel, a rose window.  


His choice of the word ‘disc’ is certainly suggestive of the influence music and musicians have had throughout his career.  The composition was originally created as a stained glass window for installation at Worton Hall Studios (the printmaking centre in London where Blake has his own studio space). Blake has also made a small and large version stained glass edition, now available to order from our website:

Dazzle Disc Stained Glass (small)
Edition size: 20
Dimension: 60cm

Dazzle Disc Stained Glass (large)
Edition size: 10
Dimension: 1 metre


The silkscreen version retains the feeling of a pop art rose window, whilst also being reminiscent of a badge; another recurring motif in Blake’s work. Indeed a badge version of the image exists, made to promote the opening of the studio for which Dazzle Disc has become something of an emblem.


The studio building formerly housed Isleworth Film Studios; a hub for the great directors and film stars of the past. This fact may also have underpinned Blake’s choice of a tondo format, echoing the shape of a film reel and simultaneously inferring constant change.


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